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Do you wish to buy or invest?

You would like to buy or sell a property or have your property assessed? The strategy of our partnership is simple: Alegria Provence Real Estate actively advises you according to your needs. Each mandate is different and requires particular attention. We always start our mission with an active listening phase followed by a complete analysis of your needs in order to define the paths to success together.

The acquisition of a property is always challenging and fascinating. It can be an exciting and smooth process - or it can turn into an emotional rollercoaster. To make your dream come true, let us guide and support you with our customised services

  • We invite you to discover our properties for sale.
  • You can also contact us for a property search mandate. We actively search and intensively focus on finding a property that fully meets your needs - with or without the collaboration of other agencies
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You wish to sell?

As you looking to sell your country cottage, bastide, exceptional residence, luxury flat, plot of land, seafront villa, building or even business in Provence? Let yourself be guided by a professional team throughout your property sale project. Putting up a property for sale requires a thorough preparation and for a sale to take place there are several stages to be respected. Read more

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Would you like to have your property appraised?

Identifying the market value of a property is a complex exercise, which requires knowledge of the trade and the market. The fair price of a property is the commercial value of the property, i.e. its market value at the time of estimation. During a property sale process, it is important to ensure the real value of the property to avoid a devaluation of the property price. Our appraisal includes both quantitative and qualitative elements, and also considers the location of the property.

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Do you seek total commitment?

Alegria Provence Real Estate is 100% committed up to the day of the transaction and even afterwards. Our objective is clear: to ensure complete transparency in advising you and offer customised services to help you realize your family or professional real estate project. Alegria Provence Real Estate is more than just an agency! It is your anchor, result-oriented trustee, negotiator and facilitator. On top of that, we offer a unique accommodation service on the spot. It is very convenient to stay in our guesthouse, for as long as you wish, to discuss your real estate project and visit selected properties.

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Practical and legal links.

All real estate agents are subject to compliance with the Loi Hoguet of 2 July 1970, which regulates the conditions for carrying out activities relating to certain transactions involving buildings and businesses.

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